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City Safe is a website that lets you assess risk levels in over 100 countries and cities worldwide.

Designed and thought for travellers, City Safe has gathered data from numerous sources (see Sources for more details) in order to give each country and city a safety rating.

There was no existing website that made it easy for travellers to assess the safety or dangerousness of the country they were going to visit : CitySafe makes it easy and intuitive. The goal of CitySafe is not to create paranoia and prevent people from going abroad, but to provide clear information so that travelers are fully informed when choosing a neighborhood to stay in, planning landmark visits or simply wondering about safety in a city.

CitySafe Features

Over a 100 countries and cities

CitySafe features ratings, rankings, tips & advice on over a hundred cities in the world, and 162 countries. As of 2016 CitySafe is still under development, check out the Work In Progresspage to see which countries and cities are already available.

Detailed Country & City Maps

CitySafe has gathered a safety map for each country from foreign ministry databases : those maps highlight the safe and dangerous parts of the country.
Similarly, every city features a map with its bad neighborhoods or “no go zones” (ie. areas more dangerous than others, which are unadvised for tourists), and the spots where pickpockets are most likely to target tourists.

Danger Rankings

CitySafe has created a Safety Index for 162 countries in the world, as well as for 112 cities : each country and city is given a rating from 0 (most dangerous) to 100 (safest), based on over 4 different sources, to make it as accurate as possible.
The rankings and the Safety Index are dynamic and updated constantly.

Travel Articles & Guides

CitySafe regularly publishes articles on how to stay safe when travelling abroad, and we have selected the best travel guides for every country. We advise all travelers to subscribe to a travel insurance before their trip.

City Safe has been launched in early 2016, and we are gathering safety data for new countries and cities every day.

See which countries and cities are already covered – more are coming soon!

Cities Already Available

CitySafe Ratings Explanation

CitySafe rates cities and countries’ safety from 0% to 100%. We have divided them into 5 categories to make it easier to understand.

Very High Priority-960-20% Rating: Very Dangerous

These countries are extremely dangerous, generally because of ongoing wars, political instability or civil unrest with high risks of kidnapping. Most Foreign Ministries ask travelers to completely avoid visiting these countries, as their security can’t be assured. Examples : Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen

High Priority-9620-40% Rating: Dangerous

These countries are dangerous for tourists, often because parts of the country are at war, a high terrorist threat or general insecurity. Some countries listed as Dangerous may have much safer parts than others (eg: Russia, Lebanon) but fall in the Dangerous rating because of some war-ridden region. Most Foreign Ministries ask travelers to completely be very careful when visiting these countries. Examples : Pakistan; ChadHaiti

Mid Priority-9640-60% Rating: Some Risk

These countries are somewhat dangerous, generally because of a combination of a high crime rate, violent protests, terrorism threat or corruption. However, some parts of the country can be extremely safe, and others extremely dangerous: check our country page for more details. Examples : Mexico, Peru, Indonesia

The country or city is very safe60-80% Rating: Safe

These countries are generally safe for tourists, although some cities may have areas be more dangerous than others. Petty theft against tourists can be common (eg. Barcelona is the city with the most pickpocket cases in the world). Examples : France, United States, Argentina

Very Low Priority-9680-100% Rating: Very Safe

These countries are the safest in the world, there are close to no threats for people visiting the country.  Examples : Germany; Singapore; Qatar

CitySafe Sources

Because CitySafe cares about openness and objectivity, here are the major sources we used to rank countries and give safety advice for every neighborhood.

Country Safety Index

City Safety Index and Dangerous Areas

Map Credits : OpenStreetMaps via CartoDB

CitySafe Disclaimer

CitySafe uses actual statistics to calculate its safety index. “CitySafe” makes no claims as to the accuracy or validity of this data. CitySafe’s usage is for novelty purpose only, no decision should be made on the basis of the information provided by the CitySafe website. Decisions to move from or to a certain area are the sole responsibility of the user. CitySafe may not be held liable for such decision or for the consequences of such decision.

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